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About Casa Bariachi

Casa Bariachi is in Guadalajara, the capital of the mariachi, because we are the creators of this concept, but one of the restaurants in Guadalajara let us lead you to participate in a real Mexican fiesta, where we can touch your senses through our excellent cuisine, colorful folklore of our party and the best mariachi music and regional dances in the comfort of our leather furniture padded leather chairs that create a unique atmosphere that will make you carry in your heart a little piece of Mexico. Casa Bariachi has become the leader Guadalajara Restaurant representative of our folklore.


It opened its doors in 1995 motivated by giving visitors to the city of Guadalajara, Foreign Nationals and space to enjoy the hospitality and service of its people, through Mariachi music and folklore of Mexico in their dishes and drinks, all in a party full of color and joy. A decent place, where young and old, visitors from around the world can enjoy the tradition of Mexico, making music and food, a True Mexican fiesta.
"Casa Bariachi “The house of Mariachi”


Casa Bariachi is one of the restaurants in Guadalajara, where local tourism, national and abroad can enjoy a true Mexican Fiesta, created in an environment full of folklore, colorful, flavor and joy. In House Bariachi is to project warmth and tradition Mexican service representative.
Casa Bariachi is in Guadalajara, the capital of one of the Mariachi Guadalajara Restaurants with a real Mexican fiesta and excellent food.
Casa Bariachi has become the leading Guadalajara Restaurant folklore.


Continue to keep up the name of Mexico, be more than one of the best restaurants in Guadalajara, become true ambassadors of the traditions of our country, both gastronomic and cultural.
Share with local and international tourism our roots through 3 words that carry all honesty, commitment, quality and service. Continue as a restaurant that is recognized nationally and internationally.


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